Hi, I'm Maria!

I am fascinated by the intersection of creativity and technology. I am a creative storyteller with a deep understanding of marketing, analytics, and visual media.

Born in Venezuela and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, I come from a community built on hard work, sacrifice, and connection. I am a first-gen graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Decision Science.

The interdisciplinary nature of my degree and past work experience has allowed me to develop a diverse skill set and a strong foundation in social media and brand strategy, copywriting, and data analysis. I also have a strong foundation in film and visual media and experience in animation, photography, and graphic design.

I am a proud member of the Latinx community and a member of Latinas in Tech and Techqueria.

In my free time, you can find me trying out different recipes I found on TikTok, at the movies, or taking my pug Pollo to the dog park!