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I worked as a marketing intern at Weiss Burkett during the summer leading into my junior year. My tasks at the firm varied daily, but I was mainly in charge of revamping the firm's social media sites, planning and creating content, and ensuring that the firm's brand was consistent across all sites, including their website. Additionally, I performed administrative and organizational tasks and translated meetings with clients, official records, and legal documents from Spanish to English.


Weiss Burkett provides legal services for families in Lebanon, PA and the surrounding areas. The attorneys perform a wide range of services, including advice, document preparation, settlement, negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Their main areas of practice are estate planning and will preparation; family law, including divorce, custody, and adoption; and small business formation.

Challenge & Solution

My main objective for the firm's social and brand strategy was to improve the firm's online presence, community reach, and brand awareness.

Only 20% of the Lebanon county population has a bachelor's degree or higher. Noting that much of the legal jargon you typically hear in a law office can be overwhelming and challenging for the average person to understand, I saw an opportunity to make the family law process more accessible. I launched a social campaign that featured educational content that explained popular legal terms and phrases, as well as content that notified the community of important laws and rulings that were being updated or announced.

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