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As a marketing and production Intern at Cape Town TV, I did a multitude of different tasks and what I did from day to day varied, making each day at the station unique. My main role consisted of creating content for social media, brainstorming ideas for shows, and helping with the production process by shooting and editing episodes and promos. This role taught me the importance of versatility and resilience, and improved my skills as a marketer and content creator in the process.


Cape Town TV (CTV) is a non-profit, community-based television station aimed at the greater Cape Town metropolitan area. Founded by over 200 non-profit organizations in 2006, CTV is committed to providing community access to the powerful medium of television as a tool to promote human rights, social justice, and community cultural development.

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Challenge & Solution

In today's society, social media has become a necessary daily activity as it serves to spread information, share, and create. As the accessibility of social media grows, so does its importance and need to be connected, which is why it was important to help establish CTV's presence online.

The main objective of my role was to help identify weak areas in CTV's marketing initiatives, especially in regard to social media. In order to do so, I worked with the station manager to create and establish the first social media team, which in turn created established consistency and improved metrics for CTV's Facebook account, which is the primary social media account for CTV. Additionally, I created a social media plan and calendar for the team to follow.


Created for one of CTV's shows, Open Studio, which longest-running show on CTV. The engaging chat show is a platform offering the general public access to television and an opportunity to raise awareness of their community initiatives.

CTV Open Studio

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Open Studio Promo

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While at CTV, I also worked as camera crew, filming pre-recorded and live shows to be aired then later uploaded to YouTube. Below are examples of episodes that I helped film as well as edit.

Ekse is a daily live educational program produced by and for youth. The show covers a wide range of topics including current affairs, social issues, science, and more. For this episode, we had musical guests Hunter and Lauren Norstrom.

In this episode of Open Studio, Presenter Athule Mazole interviews Umoja Sewing School.

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